Hey, I’m Jamal

I Create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that lets my clients express themselves through personally authentic art.

I grew up in a family full of strong women. Women that weren’t afraid to speak their mind or share an opinion when they saw something they didn’t like. So at an early age I learned that the world can be a demanding and unforgiving place for women. There is a constant push & pull from society that tells you your worth is based on your looks but are punished for being “vain” or “too sexy”. There are constant demands to put others first, at your jobs, in your relationships and for your families. Many women rarely get to do something just for themselves and when they do they feel guilty.

I want to give these hard-working women a break. I designed my sessions to be a relaxing escape from the demands and responsibilities of your daily life. It’s a chance to be pampered and indulge in luxury in a space where everything is centered on making you feel relaxed and beautiful. I want you to leave my session feeling rested, recharged and reminded of how beautiful you are.

I believe boudoir is a way to remove distractions and focus on the person and what makes them unique.

Jamal Williams

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