I’m a traveling photographer, but the majority of my boudoir photography is done in and around the Houston metro area. I don’t hold all my sessions in the same location because I want to give you a unique photo experience that results in images you’ll love. Having the freedom to shoot anywhere is a large part of how I make that happen.

The look you want

I want to give you the freedom to pick a location that bests suits the style of photos you want. We can go out in the country to shoot outdoor artistic nudes. Would you rather do high glamor lingerie photos in a studio? Most of my clients like to have their boudoir photos taken in sort term rentals or at their own homes. Whatever your preference is, I’m want to find a location that is unique to you and your photo shoot.

I’ll come to you

The other major benefit is that we can ensure your session will be held somewhere that is convenient to you. On the day of your session I want you to be calm, relaxed and only focused on having an amazing shoot. If you’re anything like me fighting with Houston traffic doesn’t make you feel calm or relaxed. I’m also able to travel to clients that live in other cities. If you live somewhere else, I’m also willing to fly out to wherever you would like to meet.

Service Areas

Detroit MI

I’ve recently moved to Detroit and I’m excited to get out and explore all areas of the metro. Contact me for a free consultation and we can get started planning your photoshoot today!

Anywhere Else

I’m always willing to go somewhere new or see a familiar city again. If you would like to work with me but don’t live in one of these cities I can come to you.

Invite Me To Where You Are