What are “Intimate Portraits”

I feel “Intimate portraits” best captures the essence of what I do. While my work sometimes touches on boudoir, glamor, or lingerie styles, I transcend those labels. I believe your beauty lies in your authentic self, not in playing a role. My goal is to create a safe space where you can comfortably express who you are and witness your own radiant beauty.

What if I don’t know how to pose?

No prior posing experience? No worries! Many clients feel the same way, and that’s perfectly understandable.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I’ll provide visual examples, demonstrate poses, and offer personalized coaching to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the session. My goal is to capture your natural beauty and highlight your unique assets, letting your inner radiance shine through.

What about my hair and makeup?

I collaborate with a licensed makeup artist who will be on-hand throughout your shoot, ensuring flawless application and touch-ups. Need additional hair and makeup artistry? No problem! I have a network of talented professionals ready to create your dream look. Let me know if you’d like a personalized referral.

What should I wear?

Your comfort is key. What you wear is entirely up to you, as confidence shows through in the final images. I can offer guidance and suggestions, but the ultimate decision is yours.

Try on outfits beforehand to ensure a perfect fit, and feel free to bring a variety of options. Remember, more options are always better than feeling limited.

Embrace your individuality and let your confidence shine!

Can I be nude? Do I have to be nude?

Your comfort and vision are paramount. Whether you choose to wear full clothing, lingerie, or anything in between, the choice is entirely yours. I’m equally comfortable capturing men and women at any level of nudity they desire.

Our sessions are collaborative and professional. I prioritize creating a safe and respectful environment where you can express yourself freely and confidently. You are empowered to adjust your level of attire throughout the shoot as needed. My focus is on capturing your unique beauty and fulfilling your vision.

Will you edit my photos?

Enhancing your natural beauty is my priority. I perform blemish correction and subtle skin softening, while leaving some stretch marks and scars untouched unless you request otherwise. My editing philosophy aligns with a body-positive approach, and I never alter body proportions or make drastic changes.

Your session is a celebration of you. My goal is to capture your unique essence and empower you to see your inherent beauty, exactly as you are.

How soon can I get my photos?

Please allow for one week to have all your images edited and ready for the reveal. If you need the images sooner, expedited processing, and is available for an additional fee.

What if I need to reschedule / cancel?

Your session fee secures your date and covers the costs of reserving the location and collaborating beauty professionals. These costs are non-refundable.

Life can be unpredictable, and I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. If I’m notified in writing more than 10 days before your scheduled session you may reschedule one time to a different date at no cost. If you need to reschedule again, you will be charged a change fee. You may only reschedule you session a maximum of 3 times.

However, in the event of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, including illness, fire, or natural disasters, your session fee will be applied to a rescheduled appointment with no penalty.

Should I need to cancel your session and we cannot reschedule, I will provide a full refund of your session fee. In such instances, my liability is limited to the session fee and does not extend to any further claims.

This policy also applies to situations where photographic materials are damaged or lost beyond my control, such as during processing, equipment malfunction, or mailing issues.

Can I bring someone with me?

Bringing a trusted friend or partner can enhance your comfort level during the session. If you choose to do so, consider the following:

  • Mutual comfort: Will you and your companion feel comfortable with the outfits and poses you’ll be doing?
  • Supportive role: Your companion is there for moral support, not to participate in directing, posing, or styling the shoot. The’ll need to limit their activities to encouragement and not interfere with the session.
  • Not a distraction: I want you to be present and enjoy the amazing experience of your session, don’t bring someone who will require your attention.
  • Respecting their time: Photo shoots can be lengthy, so having an activity for your companion to occupy themselves is considerate.
  • Limited space: Depending on the location, your companion may need to wait in a separate space to avoid impacting the photoshoot.

Ultimately, the decision to bring someone is entirely yours. I prioritize creating a comfortable and respectful environment, regardless of your choice.

Absolutely no children or anyone under 18 will be allowed on set for any reason.

Can we shoot in “a studio”, “my place”, “at a friends” or “a hotel”?

I utilize a mobile studio, allowing me to capture your beauty almost anywhere you envision.

Seeking a classic studio aesthetic? I collaborate with partnered studios to fulfill that desire.

However, my personal preference lies in natural, welcoming environments. This could be your beautifully decorated home, a charming short-term rental, or a comfortable hotel room.

The ultimate decision rests with you. I prioritize capturing your vision, whether it’s a polished studio setting or a more intimate, personal space.

Is there an age limit?

A limit no but a minimum yes. You need to be 18 years of age or older. (have ID ready to verify) Absolutely no children or anyone under 18 will be allowed on set for any reason.

Do you Photograph men, trans, non binary or LGBTQ people?

My sessions are welcoming to all individuals over the age of 18. Regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, body size, or ability level, you are valued and celebrated. My passion lies in creating art that empowers everyone to embrace their unique beauty. If you’re interested in exploring a boudoir session, I’m here to collaborate and capture your authentic self.

Who will see my photos?

Only the people necessary to insure the best quality results will see your images. I will not use your photos for advertisement or display them anywhere unless you give your permission in writing.

Do you have any female photographers?

Your comfort and privacy are paramount. While I am a male photographer, I prioritize creating a safe and respectful environment for all clients.

For female clients, I offer the option of having a female assistant or beauty professional present throughout the session. You are also welcome to bring a trusted friend for additional support.

If you prefer a female photographer, I am happy to connect you with talented colleagues who share your preference.

Can you come to my city?

I’m happy to travel for your session!

For individual sessions: Travel-related expenses will apply, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to your vision.

Looking for a group experience? Gather 4 or more friends who book sessions and I’ll bring my expertise to your city, creating a memorable and fun sessions for all.

Stay tuned! I’ll be announcing upcoming travel destinations where I’ll be available for individual and group bookings.

Can I use the photos commercially or in advertising?

For actors, models, and entertainers: I offer a complimentary usage license for incorporating my photos in your portfolio or marketing materials to secure clients and opportunities.

For designers, influencers, content creators, and store owners: Utilizing my photos on or to promote product sales or advertising campaigns requires discussing a mutually beneficial compensation plan.

Respecting ownership: You may not sell, watermark, significantly alter, or license my photos without my written consent.