Dirty show 24

Celebrate the 24th year of the Motor City’s most tantalizing event, the Dirty Show 24 – International Erotic Art Exhibition. Prepare to be seduced by an awe-inspiring collection of sensual masterpieces, showcasing the diverse realms of Photography, Painting, Illustration, Mixed Media, Video, and Performance. This highly anticipated event brings together renowned artists from around the country and across the globe, fueling a world of unapologetic sensuality. ( From https://dirtydetroit.com/blog/2023/12/11/dirty-show-2024-tickets-on-sale)

Dirty Show 2024


I’d seen the dirty show come up when researching the photography landscape in Detroit before making the move. So Im excited to see what the event is all about. I got my tickets for the 16th. I’ll see you there.

It’s important to note that the Dirty Show may contain explicit content that may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure you are comfortable with the nature of the event before attending.

Post event Update:

1) Next year my goal is to have some of my work featured in the show.

2) I was excited to learn that Detroit has a pretty active burlesque scene. When I lived in New Orleans, I’d shoot shows almost every week.

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