The Naked Truth About Nudity In Boudoir

Do I have to be nude in my photos?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to be nude, but you can if you want to.

Obviously this is a question that comes up often for clients so I wanted to make a visual guide to help you understand what your options are during your session.

The most important thing to know is that what you do or don’t wear is 100% up to you. ALLWAYS. If you have a question or want advice on an outfit, you’re considering for the shoot I can help you choose ones that will flatter you and work on camera. During the shoot I may ask you to pose a particular way or reposition your outfit but these should be taken as suggestions. At any time, you have the option to ignore my advice, pause or stop the shoot. As your photographer its my job to help you get the best images & have an amazing experience.

Range of Nudity

In boudoir and photography in general there are 4 levels of nudity. They are: None, Implied, Partial, and Full. It seems pretty straightforward but like most things it can get a little tricky when you get down to the details. In photography nudity is usually referring completely bare “private parts”. While for most people it would be a very big difference between lingerie with fabric so sheer it is see though and a baggy sweet suit in photography they can be classified in the same group.

No Nudity

This can range from very conservative (think baggy sweats) to barely there or see through lingerie (very NSFW). Technically body paint, tape, and pasties would also put you in the non nude category. As long as the clothes are covering female nipples (I know it’s a stupid & sexist distinction) and no one’s “lower bits” are showing then we are in the non nude category.

The coverage and transparency of your clothing will be determined by what you bring to your boudoir session. You should also give some thought to how you will wear the items.

It is common to leave shirts unbuttoned, or have clothing slipping hanging off. It is also common to have you pull or tug on your clothing to adjust how it falls on your body. There is a considerable amount of range you can have without including any nudity into your session. Look at example photos to find where you are comfortable drawing the line.

Implied Nudity

Implied nude is all about what shows up on in the final image. It’s implied if you can say “I think this person is nude but ____ is in the way”. We achieve this look through careful posing, strategic prop placement, camera angles, lighting or post editing. Two common Implied nudity techniques you are probably familiar with are using bed sheets and the hand bra.

In photo Vs In session nudity

Implied nudity is really the most tricky level when you consider how to achieve the look. Remember implied is about the final image it doesn’t take into account what happens during the session. Some looks can be accomplished with strapless bra but other may require you to undress during the session.

As the subject of the photos you also need to think about how comfortable you are with in session nudity. At my sessions there can be up to 4 people in the room. Myself (a male photographer), a female hair & make-up artist who will also assist during the shoot, you and any escort you would like to accompany to the shoot. (see our friend policy) If you are worried about accidentally showing too much, I highly recommend using pasties. That way even with a “wardrobe malfunction” your implied photos stay only implied. I will also have a session robe available that you can use between photos.

Partial & Full Nudity

The last two are actually pretty simple.
Partial nudity includes topless for women and bare bottoms for anyone. Full nudity is no covering attempted.

Artistic nudes, Erotic Photos & Porn

Now that we’ve discussed how nudity is classified in boudoir I’d like to take a moment to talk about how nudity it is used. Nude photos, Erotic/sensual photo and Porn are not the same. The major difference in these three types of photos are the focus and the intention.

Artistic nudes– the nudity is not the central point of the photo and is not the focus of the image. The photos are not meant to arouse you.

Erotic/sensual Photos – the nudity is the focus of the image but the artistry is equally important. It should be a mix of creative and titillating.

Porn – is solely for arousal and usually commercial in nature. Artistic confederations aren’t a factor. While I can appreciate and see the value in all well executed photography. I’m simply not interested in shooting porn. I reserve the right to refuse any concepts or situations I feel cross the line.

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