Can I Bring Someone To My Boudoir Session.

Answer: Yes. As long as they are not a distraction.

Your comfort level during a session is important to me as a someone who wants to provide the best experience but also to the quality of your photos. If you are nervous or uncomfortable during the shoot, it will show up in the images. Bringing someone to the session can be a major boost for some people but for others having someone they know, especially the wrong person, their can bring up lots of stress and anxiety. Only you can figure out what is the correct choice for you.

If you decide to bring someone it’s very important that the person you bring does not become a distraction from the goal of making great photos. Even well-meaning individuals can sometimes create the wrong environment for a successful session. If you have concerns about the person you’re bring consider asking them to stay nearby but not necessarily in the same room with you. Most locations will have adjoining rooms that your guest will be available but not in the way.

If your session guest proves to be a distraction, they may be asked to leave the immediate area of the session or sit in the car. We will not give refunds for sessions interrupted by a guest.

Dos & Don’ts of choosing a Session Guest.

  • Do pick someone over 18. No minors (with the exception of Mommy/Daddy & Me Sessions) are allowed on set for any session.
  • Do Limit it to one person – shooting space is always limited and the more people are just more opportunities for distractions.
  • Do pick someone who makes you feel happy and builds you up. You want a cheerleader’s and an assistant to help you throughout the day.
  • Do make sure they understand that they are there for moral support. While some trusted judgment, an extra pair of eyes or another set of hands can be helpful, we don’t need your guest thinking that they are there to be your stylist, pose coach, lighting tech or backup photographer. The best thing your guest can do is to be on standby for whatever you need help with while showering you with encouragement and support.
  • Do be sure to take in to account your expected level of nudity when choosing who to bring along. You don’t need anyone else’s issues when it’s time to be bold and confident. You want someone that can help you get dressed and get into position for your photos.
  • Do Not pick someone that will make you nervous or self-conscious. If they can be judgmental or you feel the need to impress or please them, they may not be a good fit for your session. Your session is all about you and how you feel in your own body.
  • Do Not Pick someone that will distract you from the shoot. Your friend with the best gossip or your favorite jokester may be fun but we also need you focused on the session.
  • Do Not pick someone who does not want you to be “too sexy”. These sessions are about exploring your creative expression. The only thing you should be focused on is thinking about what you want to do.
  • Do Not bring someone that needs to be the center of attention. Again, this time is all about you. Your guest is there for support and encouragement.
  • Do Suggest they bring a book, video game or some other form of entertainment. Despite the glamorous result photo shoots can actually get pretty boring and repetitive when you are not directly involved.

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