Hair & Makeup Artists wanted for paid assignments

Hello Detroit hair and makeup artists! My name is Jamal, I’m a boudoir photographer recently relocated to the area from Houston TX. I’m looking for talented hair & makeup artists that I can work with during my empowering luxury boudoir sessions. 

A Luxury Experience

 I try to make my sessions feel more like a spa day than a trip to get family portraits. I usually bring gifts, flowers, candy, wine, music, etc … to make sure they are relaxed and feeling great.

The majority of my clients have never participated in a boudoir session before, so it’s no surprise that they come in a little anxious. They’ve signed up for experience that puts them well outside their comfort zone and are trusting me deliver an amazing experience. I take that responsibility very seriously and I’m very picky about energy I allow at my shoots.

Encourage and Empower

I am looking for HMUA’s that who can help clients look great and feel even better. All my sessions begin with makeup and (light) hair styling so it’s critical that my MUA do what they can to encourage and build up my clients’ confidence. Under no circumstance should anyone on set do or say anything that would hurt a client’s confidence or make them feel self conscious about their look or outfit. 

  • Friendly, positive, professional & punctual
  • Comfortable & non judgmental around people in their underwear or less.
  • Comfortable working with people of any size, shape, orientation & gender. 
  • Able to color matches different skin tones / work with different hair types.
  • Can Work quickly I prefer to do Hair & Makeup at the same time so that we can have more time to shoot. 

If you’re a passionate hair and makeup artist who aligns with these qualities, I encourage you to reach out and express your interest in joining my team. Let’s collaborate to create empowering boudoir experiences that leave clients feeling confident, radiant, and celebrated.

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