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What is a “Luxury Photo Experience”

Luxury isn’t defined simply by things being expensive. Real luxury is in getting what YOU want the way YOU want it. I want to provide you with a personalized experience with warm and responsive service that lets you forget everything and just indulge in the moment.

Your session should be an escape from your normal day-to-day stresses and responsibilities. You are the VIP and all you need to do is relax, be pampered and reconnect with your unique artistic expression. From your first inquiry to when you receive your photos and hopefully beyond, you can expect 5 star service from Jamal Williams Intimate Portraits. Think of it like a trip to the spa then going down to the mall to take family photos. 

Your Consultation

Through our consultation process we’ll discover exactly the style of photos that will best suit you and your unique personality. I’ll be available to help you plan the look, the wardrobe and the location of your shoot to ensure you get exactly the look you envisioned. 

Hair & Makeup

Your session includes having a hair & makeup specialist on hand to assist with getting you glammed up and to ensure you stay looking your absolute best throughout the shoot. No need to run around the day before and hoping nothing gets messed up overnight. You just need to show up and let the pampering begin!

Unlimited Time with Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

This is your time to indulge -enjoy it! Chat with your MUA and me while you stop to partake in the refreshments.Try a few different looks until you find the one you feel the best in. I don’t expect you to come in and jump right into taking photos like you’re a professional model. You’ll have better photos when you don’t feel rushed or worried about running out of time. 

Premium Products

I want to create memories and capture moments that will last forever. Digital images are convenient, but in many cases they also become disposable. Technology changes, hard drives crash and files get buried in folders you never open on your computer. 

The art we’ll create together is meant to last and be appreciated. Having actual physical prints or an album will give you a solid reminder of your experience. And in 30 or 50 years the grandkids can realize with equal parts embarrassment and awe, “Grandma was HOT!?”

À la Carte Menu

Other than the experience, there are no photo packages or minimums. You get exactly the products you want. You’ll have your choice of beautiful albums, amazing prints or jaw dropping wall art.

It’s all about you

Jamal Williams Intimate Portraits a boutique studio that only has a limited number of sessions available each month. My focus is on providing intensely personalized and high-quality experiences. I believe that your session should reflect your personal tastes and personality. I value your individual uniqueness and want it to be reflected in your experience. 

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